Plenary Speakers


Treena Basu

Treena Basu is an Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at Occidental College. Basu was previously a visiting assistant professor at Ithaca College in Upstate New York. She received her PhD. in Applied and Computational Mathematics from the University of South Carolina.

Basu's research interests span a broad range of fields in Applied Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, History of Statistics, and Data Science. The interdisciplinary nature of Basu's work, allows her to employ a range of mathematical tools for real-world physical modeling which includes numerical approximation through finite difference, finite volume and multi-grid methods, and machine learning algorithms. 



Franca Hoffman

France Hoffman is an Assistant Professor in Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech and the AIMS-Carnegie Research Chair in Data Science at AIMS Rwanda. She completed her PhD at the Cambridge Centre for Analysis (CCA) Doctoral Training Centre, University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. She was previously a Bonn Junior Fellow with the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany.  Currently, she is a member of the Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), and she serves on the Steering Committee of the Transdisciplinary Research Area 1 “Modeling” at University of Bonn, as well as serving as Program Director of the new Doctoral Training Program in Data Science (DTP-DS) at Quantum Leap Africa (QLA), AIMS Rwanda.

Hoffman's research interests lie at the interface of model-driven and data-driven approaches, including mathematical tools for numerical PDEs and Data Analysis.



Deanna Needell

Deanna Needell is a Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA and the Dunn Family Endowed Chair in Data Theory Executive Director at the Institute for Digital Research and Education (IDRE). She completed her PhD in Mathematics at the University of California, Davis. Alongside Rachel Ward, Needell received the IMA Prize in Mathematics and Application in 2016, recognizing her contributions to sparse approximation, signal processing, and stochastic optimization. She was named Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, in the 2022 class of fellows, for contributions to compressed sensing and the mathematics of data science. 

Needell's research interests include compressed sensing, randomized algorithms, functional analysis, computational mathematics, probability, and statistics.



Qing Nie

Qing Nie is a Chancellor's Professor of Mathematics and Developmental & Cell Biology, affiliated with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, at the University of California, Irvine. He is also the Director of the NSF- Simons Center for Multi-scale Cell Fate Research. He completed his PhD in Mathematics at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

Nie's research interests include computational systems biology, cell fates, multi-scale biology, and tools for analyzing single-cell RNA-sequence data, scientific computing, and computational mathematics.



Hayden Schaeffer

Hayden Schaeffer is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA, and previously was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at CMU. He received an NSF CAREER Award and an AFOSR Young Investigator Award. Previously, he was an NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellow, a von Karmen Instructor at Caltech, a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Irvine, and a Collegium of University Teaching Fellow at UCLA. His education includes a Ph.D. and Masters in mathematics from UCLA and a B.A. from Cornell University.

Schaeffer's research interests include data science, sparse models, math modeling, and imaging sciences.